1. 1) Application for admission is made to the Principal on a prescribed application form available at the school office or can be made online also.
  2. 2) Admission is made on behalf of written or oral test conducted at the time of interview.
  3. 3) Admission is made according to the age of the child. A child's ability is also taken into consideration.
  4. 4) At the time of admission the parent/guardian must give the correct age of the child, producing the original and Xerox copy of the birth certificate of the child from the municipality, medical fitness certificate of the child, adhaar card details of parents and child, and the requisite application form.
  5. 5) Admission fees are not refundable once the admission is confirmed.
  6. 6) The Principal has the right to cancel the candidature or to rusticate an undisciplined student. The Principal may also ask parents/guardians to withdraw their child from the school if his/her conduct or educational progress is not satisfactory.
  1. 1) All the students are expected to complete the academic year, those who discontinue in between are to pay the school fees in full. A written application from the parent stating the reason and duly filled below withdrawal form is need for the transfer certificate.
  2. 2) The transfer certificate will be issued only on the receipt of the above document stated in point 1 along with students & parents I cards and school diary along with by a transfer fee.